Tech Lab

Tech Lab Stations

PerfOpt3D offers personal tech lab stations. These fully equipped stations carry some
of the latest cutting-edge demos and apps that help to boost your imagination, helping
you to DREAM BIG! Be one of the first to experience the latest in technology!

Powerful Computers

Our custom high-end PCs are made to support demanding CAD and gaming software.

3D Scanners

This device scans objects to then be used to construct digital 3-dimensional models.

3D Printers

Used to create a physical object from a 3-dimensional digital model as rapid prototyping.

VR Headsets

Stations include the Oculus Rift, allowing you to experience Virtual Reality in 360-degree!

Robotics Kits

An excellent introduction to robotics that brings technology right into the hands of students.

Science Kits

These sets include everything needed to spark an interest in practical science.

Leap Motion Controller

This device senses your hand movements to swipe, pinch or grab to experience a new reality!

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